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Top 4 tourism marketing trends

vendredi 13 novembre 2015, par administrateur

In the digitalized world tourist boards, businesses, venues cannot afford to ignore the social networks as well as other marketing tools.

" Social media are part of the most important tourism marketing trends of this year, according to Nick Hall, CEO in Digital Tourism Think Thank.

Inspire customers is the first trend. Nick Hall commented : "We need to be ready to engage people in real time, because the new generation of travelers is looking for experiences."

The second trend and tip is to put the tourist in the center of attention, focusing on the user’s experience. In order to do that (and here comes the third trend) we need to ensure them to always stay connected. Today, traveling means sharing what people are experiencing in real time. Last tourism marketing trend, in the words of the manger : "Take advantage of data ; in order to develop long terms strategies, social networks are a mine of information."

Social networks, one of the most covered topics in recent years, is an important topic discussed by travel technology experts. Facebook has a special place, being currently the most popular social platform of commercial promotion.

Mark Zuckerberg’s social website is giving more and more space to local businesses and proximity marketing, implementing tools which can stimulate positive word of mouth and, consequently, generate more sales. Outcomes are both measurable and concrete... "

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